Since 1979, FiberTite, a roof system manufactured by Seaman Corporation for commercial facilities, has demonstrated unmatched resistance to puncture, tear, UV rays and chemicals. These characteristics boast FiberTite as one of the most resilient commercial roof systems in the industry, providing operational security to the world’s most powerful brands. The innovative, high performance coated fabric membrane has a unique, four-layer technology providing puncture, chemical, and ponding water resistance. Protecting critical facilities around the world, FiberTite understands that breaches of any kind are devastating to a business – but the cost of a leaking, punctured or failing roof can be disastrous. Selecting a roof system that meets strict codes and standards, keeps maintenance costs down and protects the equipment, products and people inside is an important decision. With proven fiber reinforcement for durability, proven formula for superior performance and a history of proven longevity; choose FiberTite and get peace of mind that you are working with the best.

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