Sustainable Solutions with Steel Profiles

Sustainability is at the forefront of the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Material selection is key in not only sustainability, but also social responsibility. Stainless and Carbon Steel profiles provide sustainable solutions in striking designs in architecturally exposed structures, with a unique focus on resiliency and durability. This course is designed for architects, engineers, fabricators and metal enthusiasts. We will go in-depth on the different applications and benefits of using steel and stainless steel profiles in your designs, with a heavy emphasis on steel production technologies, sustainability, case studies, and material selection. After completion, designers will know how and why to apply sustainable steel solutions to their projects.

Learning Objectives

  1. Overview of the different production methods of steel profiles with an in-depth look at Laser Welding and how this technology produces carbon & stainless steel profiles for AESS requirements and more.
  2. Review of the available resources to aid in material selection and the specifications for carbon and stainless steel profiles in sustainable designs.
  3. Summarize the advantages of using steel profiles in your designs regarding sustainability, environmental benefits, green initiatives, and HSW benefits.
  4. Discuss the different types of carbon and stainless steel alloys and finishes available and look at which alloys and finishes are best for different environments.
  5. Review of specific case studies showing the sustainable solutions that laser welded steel profiles provide in architecture, engineering and construction applications.

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