Designing with Structural Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is increasing in popularity for structural applications within the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Learn how you can integrate both standard and custom stainless steel structural profiles into your designs. This course will educate engineers and designers about various steel production methods, the benefits of using stainless steel and go in-depth on specific applications by highlighting relevant case studies. The course will also provide more detail on the many resources and specification methods available to help influence your designs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the availability of stainless steel structural shapes and the proprietary technology of laser welding that was developed to produce these structural profiles.
  2. Summarize the benefits and advantages of using stainless steel in structural applications in corrosive and other environments. Discuss which stainless steel alloys are best suited for which environment.
  3. Discuss specific case studies highlighting the use of structural stainless steel in various industrial applications.
  4. Educate engineers and designers on the specific material specifications, mechanical properties, section properties and discuss the resources available to design using structural stainless steel.

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1 AIA LU/Elective
1 PDH*