Processor Strategies for Sustainable Water Management

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Webinar On-Demand
Sponsored by Garratt-Callahan and Grundfos
Presented by Yulie Meneses, Ph.D and Eric Whitley

Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline what tools are available for processors to measure actual water use.
  2. Identify the upfront and hidden costs of water mismanagement.
  3. Recognize why water is considered a finite resource today.
  4. Strategize where a processor can invest to improve water management in their operation.


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Purpose statement:

The purpose of this course is to explore current tools and strategies for water management that food processors can use to positively impact the environment.
This test is no longer available for credit

Join Food Engineering for this webinar as we explore current tools and strategies for water management that food processors can use to positively impact the environment as well as the bottom line. We’ll also look at how today’s processing facilities are being built with water conservation in mind.



 Yulie Meneses, Ph.D, is a Food Scientist with experience in water conservation strategies in the food industry sector. She has contributed to developing guidelines for fit-for-purpose water, optimization, and treatment through her research. She worked for five years in academia mentoring graduate students, and her work has been published in high-impact scientific journals. Dr. Meneses uses a holistic approach to assess water conservation strategies, which goes beyond the technical aspects and includes economic and environmental considerations. Dr. Meneses obtained her Master's and Doctorate degrees at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the Food Science and Technology Department. Her experience and training include food processing, food safety, and water conservation in the food industry sector.


 Eric Whitley, has been a noteworthy leader in the Manufacturing space for over 30 years. In addition to the many publications and articles Eric has written on various manufacturing topics, you may know him from his efforts leading the Total Productive Maintenance effort at Autoliv ASP or from his involvement in the Management Certification programs at The Ohio State University, where he served as an adjunct faculty member. After an extensive career as a reliability and business improvement consultant, Eric joined L2L, where he currently serves as the Director of Smart Manufacturing. His role in this position is to help clients learn and implement L2L’s pragmatic and simple approach to corporate digital transformation. Eric lives with his wife of 35 years in Northern Utah. When Eric is not working, he can usually be found on the water with a fishing rod in his hands.




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Originally published in June 2022